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Hi Everyone,

I’ve Started to write a blog, so you can learn more about me, and what I do. I learnt the basics of Photography in high school using film, slr cameras and a darkroom.  As a photography enthusiast I watched the way things changed over the years from Film to Digital and at I could only afford a small Film camera.

My husband bought me a Digital SLR so, I literally took it and ran with it.  Once I was confident enough, I decided to start my business Fiona K Photography in 2016.  With very little knowledge about how to be a sole trader.  But, First I needed to build a portfolio, which meant working for free, and in today’s terms, its called TFP.  I worked really hard to find people that were willing to trust me with their big day, so I had to come up with another plan, find a mentor.

I Struggled to find anyone to mentor me, which meant sharing information that most photographers wouldn’t share.  I met Chris Thornley and joined his photography business Le Visage Photographics to become his second shooter for Weddings.  I was given the opportunity to photograph weddings to build my folio and at the same time as being paid, and I will be forever grateful.  This is where my passion for wedding photography started.

It’s now 2019 and I am one of Brisbane’s best wedding photographers, So, working hard pays off.  Setting small goals, reaching them and reaching higher, matters.

So there’s a little more about me, but it’s not stopping there…Until next time, feel free to ask questions and leave your comments.


Fiona K